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Don't just take my word for it, read what people who have worked with me have had to say!!!

"Joshua is an extremely talented, passionate, knowledgeable professional. If you are an experienced model, you will feel instantly inspired. If you are new or nervous, you will feel completely at ease and directed. Joshua is my go-to photographer for creative content for these reasons. I have worked with many photographers and Joshua is my favourite - I’ll always choose him when I’m in London 🙂"



"I had the opportunity to be photographed by this genius. There are not many others who have an eye like this guy. Such talent and all-round nice guy!"


"Shooting with Josh was an enjoyable experience. He is professional and knowledgable about photography, capturing incredible images with ease. 

What I enjoyed most was Josh’s energy. He was positive and patient, making our shoots comfortable and relaxed. We even had deep conversations along the way which was a bonus.

He’s also extremely efficient. I received the photos in under two days. I am genuinely impressed and will definitely shoot with him again in the future."

RXC Million

"The quality of the photos I received was immense. Thank you for taking me to the next level. 💪"

Joe John of Gym With Attitude Limited

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